Trauma Care Seminar's Testimonial

"Hey Jeff! You know how I ordered enough RATS tourniquets to get wholesale status & teach a seminar? The seminar was about trauma care during an active shooter. We covered your basic CPR, First-aid, TQ, HALO chest seal, and a few other things. 2 weeks later I was hurt in a training accident where I took shrapnel to my wrist and chest. It severed my radial artery. We had an EMT on site and a Navy SEAL observing the class. The SEAL applied the RATS tourniquet while the EMT addressed the chest wound. He attempted to put it on with 1.5”, but it didn’t cause enough compression due tom bicep. He had to narrow it up…. But it did the trick. Since it took life-flight a while to locate us, I had it on too long. They say I should get movement back in about 3-9 months. I am so lucky I had the staff and your product there. If I hadn’t…I would be dead. Pissed because they cut the TQ off though!"

- Trama Care Seminar