Todd's Testimonial


Please find the attached letter of appreciation for the donation you made for the class. The class was made up of a mixture of police, firemen, and medics. (We ended up opening up the class to all emergency services.) The RAT tourniquet was liked by the students when applying to the arms for self-rescue. Some expressed that it was difficult when applying around the leg, due to having to make multiple wraps under the thigh and still maintain pressure. I didn't have a chance to get everyone's opinion on the equipment, that is something that I plan on rectifying in the future classes. ( I plan on having a part of the class as a Test and evaluate station.) I will be teaching more classes, so the samples that you sent will be used in the future as well. If you have any other products that you would like reviewed/ tested by students please feel free to contact me.

Again, Thanks for the donations.

Todd K.