Mike Johnson's Testimonial


I got the tourniquets. Thanks for sending them. So I really like the size of the tourniquet as far as putting it on gear. I really like how fast you can apply it to your lower extremities and to a victim. Really like how you tie it off, quick and easy. So I have always been taught that a tourniquet is supposed to be at least 1 inch wide. Obviously, these are not, I am curious as to why you guys went away from the standard. Is there new studies out there? In comparison to the CAT that we currently carry, when your tourniquet is applied it does seem to hurt a little more. Now that being said, I know that if you are shot you probably don’t care that the tourniquet hurts. Was just wondering if you guys had run into any other issues like that. Not sure if a wider band would eliminate that. Do you guys have training tourniquets? I have noticed while testing your tourniquet, I can see tears in the outside cover. Now the only true negative that I have about it is self-aid to an upper extremity. In order to apply it, I have to use the wounded arm. Either to help pull slack or bend to continue to wrap the band around my arm. My concern is that the injury would prevent you from being able to apply it correctly. I am interested in hearing back from you. I do like the tourniquet over all.

Thanks again for your time,

Mike Johnson