Kenny's Testimony


My name is Kenny S., and I'm a Police Officer in Milwaukie, Oregon. Earlier this morning I responded with Fire Rescue to a house fire, and upon arrival, located a man laying in the front yard holding his forearm. I could immediately see blood flowing from under his hand. He briefly pulled the hand away and exposed a 4+" laceration on his forearm. The cut was so deep, bone had been exposed. I immediately applied my R.A.T.S, which I had conveniently had stored in my pocket due to its compact size. This is the first real life application I had done with this tourniquet, and I'm completely speechless at how perfect it worked. Within seconds the bleeding was stopped, and I could no longer find a pulse in his hand. Needless to say your product worked flawlessly, and I will be purchasing another one to replace the one I used today. I truly believe your product played a huge role is saving this mans life today. Thank you for creating such an amazing product! It's ease of use makes doing my job in a high-stress situation so much easier. This results in very quick applications, which amounts to saved lives.


Kenny S