Jaysen's Testimonial


My name is Jaysen Jewell, and I am them the cadet NCOIC over the emergency services department of the Albany, Ga Civil Air Patrol Squadron and I am also the assistant medic. Just in case you don't know what the Civil Air Patrol is, we are an organization that is funded by the Air Force to conduct over 85% of all inland Search and Rescue missions. The main reason I am contacting you though is because our ground teams have been growing to do to the fact that our squadron is growing and we have many cadets that are interested in SAR, and at our squadron, we believe that all ground team members should carry a tourniquet on them at all times. We have done lots of testing at our squadron, and we have found that your tourniquet is the easiest to use and it was also the fastest out of all the ones we tested. With that being said our medical staff does not have a very big budget in fact the full-time medic and me actual have to buy all our gear for the most part so we where just wondering if you could help us by donating a few of your fine tourniquets.

Thanks in advance for all your help!!!

C/SMSgt Jewell