Hays' Testimonial

Hey guys.

Just purchased my first R.A.T.S tourniquet. I am a patrol officer in the Baltimore area in Maryland. My squad and I have really been working hard to properly equip ourselves with gear and rescue equipment to be prepared for any kind of active shooter, critical incident or God forbid an attack like in Belgium. I have CAT and SWAT-T tourniquets in my repertoire. I have to say your product is really awesome. The sheer simplicity, small size, and ease of use are really outstanding. It's the only tourniquet I've ever seen which I can deploy in seconds and need few fine motor skills or sight to apply. Don't get me wrong, I know the others can work and have seen it first hand, however, I really feel like this RAT band is really a must have for any LEO or service member. I plan on obtaining a few more to add to my "Oh Crap" bag and have already been showing off the purchase to my squad. Thank for making such a great product and thinking "outside the box" for first responders. It's definitely a comfort knowing that the RAT tourniquet is a part of my daily kit. Keep it up, folks.


Ofc. Hays