Colter Whiting's Testimonial

I have recently been given the unique opportunity to try out and utilize the RAT tourniquet system. I am a IFAK/TCCC instructor and EMT instructor working within the Law Enforcement community in New Mexico. I have found this system to be easy to use, quick, convenient and effective in the field. I was previously carrying and training with the CAT tourniquet system and have found the RAT tourniquet to be more user friendly than my previous system. I have effectively switched to the RAT tourniquet for my life threatening bleed control measures. I also work within a search and rescue community and alongside Active Shooter instructors. I was able to issue the instructor a RAT Tourniquet to my fellow instructors. Not only have I found the RAT tourniquet to effective I have also found the more compact design easier to carry in the wilderness field. My fellow instructor has the following to say concerning the RAT Tourniquet system: "After having the opportunity to carry and practice with the RAT tourniquet I have to say that I am impressed with the overall product. It is more compact and easier to carry than some more popular tourniquets such as the soft t and the CAT. In my opinion it is much easier to apply as well not having to fight with Velcro attaching itself to everything it can. I can attach it to my vest or throw it into any pocket and not have to worry about bulk or restricted movement. The price point is great as well. The only complaint I have, if you can even call it a complaint, is the paper tag where you would write the application time of the tourniquet. That being said…I am searching to find something wrong with this tourniquet.

- Colter Whiting